Identify the specific purpose statement.

A specific purpose statement definition is that it is the direction of someone’s speech formulated from a general statement and refers to a further particular topic of the speaker. In sociology, a useful specific purpose statement should be consisted of three key elements, which include the speaker’s personality, audience, and context. Correctly taken into account and drawn up, these points allow the speaker to establish the logically correct central idea statement.


The element of personality includes the use and reference in the speech to the speaker’s unique personal experience. A correctly drawn up personality plan allows the speaker to highlight the most significant facts from the life and, with their help, strengthen the actual and emotional components of speech. Also, this aspect, to a greater extent than the others, indicates the specific goals and interests of the orator. This element enables the audience to create a vivid image of the speaker quickly.

The audience factor makes it clear the importance of the topic. It shows the fastest and most effective ways to achieve interest and understanding of the subject under discussion. Also, the study of this aspect allows the orator to predict and understand the opinion of the audience on a specific topic and its context. The context aspect itself brings together the figures of the speaker and the audience. The ability to correctly use this point gives greater importance to the topic of the orator in the eyes of the audience. Also, this term refers to the external conditions for conducting speech, such as time limit, location, possible event, and reason for current speaking. A sequential analysis of all the above elements allows the speaker to identify and make the specific purpose statement for a persuasive speech.

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