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I have to write about the significance of education. In addition, I may include info about women in India (their role in society), social and political issues.

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  1. The role of education cannot be overestimated. Education is what gives people the possibility to become better and grow as personalities. It is believed that one cannot open his or her individuality without being educated. Two reasons predetermine the importance of education.
    First, people can develop only with the help of education and constant training. Second, education makes it possible to investigate the world, understand it, and create many useful things. Educations is often identified as a process of learning and a formal learning. However, education starts earlier. It starts with the child’s first attempts to understand the way things work.
    Children acquire different types of education (physical, psychological, mental) during all stages of their growing up. The importance of education is recognized in most countries because it is necessary for all children to attend school. However, there are poor-developed countries that do not promote education. Usually, there are not enough resources to provide all children with formal education.
    Often, young children should go to work because they have to survive and earn some money. Even if some of those poor children receive some education, there can be another problem — other children become envious and prejudiced against them. Finally, when it comes to the process of acquiring new knowledge, many people understand only learning subjects such as maths, history, geography, etc.
    However, education is about learning how to live in a society.
    It is what makes people move forward and never give up.

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  2. Education is the most significant aspect of humankind. It provides a basis for our survival as individuals and development as civilized people. Education assists people in becoming self-confident. Thus, when you know something, you can participate in various discussions and become socially active.
    Without education, people are only animals. Education helps them to rule properly, become kind and generous. Also, education is a predeterminer of success as well. Highly educated people always have better possibilities than those without education.
    People comprise the most important resource in every county, and it is very useful when all resources are qualified. Education is necessary for a good life.
    Everybody should understand it.

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  3. Nobody can argue that education is not important. On the contrary, it is of extreme importance for our lives. People live better when they are educated.
    When people receive education, they examine the world and understand the nature of things.

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  5. Both learning and education are crucial for our lives. Those who study today will become teachers in the future. You can write about interesting subject known as “Banking method”.
    This concept presupposes that students do not acquire new knowledge but memorize new material. Still, there are various discussions about the nature of this “banking method”.

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  7. Write about governmental organizations that should identify and promote the importance of education. The Department of Education can serve as an example. Their primary objective is to provide equal learning opportunities for all children regardless of their social and cultural background.

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