How to write your assignment quickly


I’m Maria, and I want to share my story with you. Hopefully, you’ll find it useful.

I came to the US two years ago to study Nursing. I finished American high school before I was admitted to the College of the Mainland, but my English is still far away from native. And sometimes it’s very tough for me to study.

Last spring I had a tough assignment in one of my core subjects. I needed to write a research essay that counted for 60% of the module. If I failed it, I’d have to take again this course. This would mean extending my visa and asking my parents for additional expenses. They would be upset… My future life depended on one stupid assignment in a subject I won’t need in my career… And that distracted me so much that even thinking about the essay terrified me.

I felt more and more overwhelmed—it was too hard to find information on my topic; planning the paper and writing seemed like torture. My classmates felt the same.

I was trying to search online sources like science journals and forums; I asked for help from student communities. Accidently I found the Buddy.Study site. They assign a personal assistant that claims to help, no matter what. At first, I was extremely skeptical about it: “How can a random service know what I need? How can they help me complete this assignment? Can they do research for me? Can they help me with other issues? No, it’s impossible!” These were my thoughts.

Finally, I decided to try this service. I sent a Facebook message to Buddy.Study and described my problem. I think the site’s money-back guarantee helped me make the decision. I said to myself: “Maria, even in the worst-case scenario, you will get your money back and continue searching for the information you need. And if this service is actually good, then you’ll have your assignment ready. That’s a win-win!” Honestly, I didn’t even expect to get a reply, never mind any help. Imagine how surprised I was when I saw a message after just a couple of minutes. But I was even more shocked when I received my completed order!

It was just incredible. I could ot believe my eyes. In a couple of hours, these guys did something I could not do for several days! My Buddy.Study assistant even helped me write this essay. They wrote me a sample copy that I used for writing mine.

Needless to say, I use this service regularly now. Buddy.Study saves me a lot of time. And all I have to do is just send a message… It does a lot: it gathers data for my projects and picks up online courses, tutorials, workbooks, and textbooks for a particular topic or discipline, and it even helps me with writing my papers and exam revisions.

I do not know how you manage your studying. Do you have enough time for your friends and family? Or are you struggling with books and research for assignments, wasting your time on transcribing lectures, preparing presentations, and trying to deal with the school-life balance?

Whatever the case is, this service will save you a lot of time. I definitely recommend it!


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