How to write a term paper?

My term paper is connected with climate change policy.
The teacher gave me some sources to deepen into the subject.
I am reading them but it seems that I cannot develop something new.
Will it be ok if I just paraphrase something that I have read?
How should I create a new one?
Thank you.

5 Answers

  1. it seems that you have never written a paper. Your task is not to paraphrase. Read the research, develop an argument on its basis and support it using other sources.
    Those readings you received are just for you to find some issue.

    Mr. DD Mr. DD Answered
  2. You can paraphrase some ideas and use them as evidence. It’s a right way

    David LL David LL Answered
  3. Read a sentence and write what you think about it instead of paraphrasing.

    ElenaG ElenaG Answered
  4. Of course, you can paraphrase. But not the whole paper. Your topic should look unique.

    Anusika Anusika Answered
  5. No. Don’t paraphrase. Give your own opinion about the readings and develop it into a term paper

    Chang Chao Chang Chao Answered