How to Write a Research Paper on Political Theory

How would you write a research paper on some topic related to political theory?

Begin with a broad topic and narrow it down to a specific research question you would like to answer. Pick a certain aspect of a theorist’s writings and apply it to a modern issue. Below are some political theorists and theories you might consider.

  • Thucydides;
  • Aristotle;
  • Stoicism;
  • Aquinas;
  • Machiavelli;
  • Hobbes;
  • Rousseau;
  • Montesquieu;
  • Sartre;
  • Hegel;
  • Kant;
  • Alexis de Tocqueville;
  • Robert Nozick;
  • Francis Fukuyama;
  • Hebert Marcuse;
  • John Stuart Mill;
  • Hannah Arendt;
  • Henry David Thoreau;
  • Michele Foucault.