How to find convincing arguments

My essay is to be about the control of the gun issue.
I want my statements sound persuasive, but I don’t know how to do that!

5 Answers

  1. There is no way to provide an efficient control of gun usage. If people want to break laws, they will do that! The government can implement more restrictions, of course, but I doubt it is likely to work.
    It’s nonsense when people say that as soon as one possesses a gun he is sure to use it!

    KK KK Answered
  2. The vital thing is to decide which side you are going to take. After that, it’ll be easier for you to find some persuasive arguments)

    CEO CEO Answered
  3. There are loads of sources that describe writing a persuasive essay step by step. Search the Net!

    Anaya Anaya Answered
  4. Provide some shocking pictures to support your arguments. Images have a more powerful impact than words, unfortunately.

    Erica Erica Answered
  5. Any persuasive essay is based on a universal structure no matter what your topic is. First, you state the problem itself. Then, you describe your point of you supporting each statement with a proper argument.

    Smarto Smarto Answered