How to Create an Annotated Bibliography on Animals or Plants

Discuss how to create an annotated bibliography.

The purpose of this activity is to help you sharpen your research, review, and evaluation skills. Select one broad topic from the following list:

  • Snow Leopards;
  • Bumble Bees;
  • Deer;
  • Black Bears;
  • Therapy Animals;
  • Animal Cruelty;
  • Sea Turtles;
  • Zoos;
  • NASCAR Safety Tech;
  • Japanese Manga Augmented Reality;
  • A Famous Author;
  • Ancient Medicines Djembe Drums;
  • Historic Preservation;
  • Language of Flowers;
  • Clean Water;
  • Light Pollution;
  • Food Safety;
  • Disney & Cultural Warnings.

Narrow your broad topic down into something more specific. Begin your research via a search engine of your choice. Create your annotated bibliography with five sources.