How to Create a Virtual Museum of the “Gilded Age”

Describe how you would create a “virtual” museum of the so-called “Gilded Age” (c. 1890-1914).

Choose a person, place, event, or item to research. Research the topic, and then address the following questions:

  • If you chose a person, discuss his/her achievements; also, what impact this person, event, or topic had on later history.
  • Provide some context by discussing events related to your topic.
  • Why is this person/thing important? How does the topic relate to something we have discussed in class?
  • You can also discuss any recent news or controversies related to your topic or maybe a cultural reference.
  • Provide an interesting or unusual thing you learned about this person or event (or related)—feel free to cast a wide net in discussing anything related to your topic.