How often are representatives elected?

Representatives of the House are elected every two years, or every even year, as well as senators. Such an election procedure ensures the composition of the government, which understands the current needs of the population and can to respond to them appropriately.


There is a defined answer to the question of how often are house representatives elected to according to the Constitution in its second Section. The Article one says, “The House of Representatives shall be composed of Members chosen every second Year by the People of the several States”. This section also includes the requirements for candidates, such as age over 25 years, US citizenship and residence on its territory for the past seven years. However, the question “How long are representatives elected for their position” has two answers, since senators are also representatives of power elected by the people.

Consequently, the Representatives of the House can hold office for two years, and while the senators are elected for six years. Thus, every two years, the composition of the Senate can change only by a third, but the House of Representatives reshapes completely. However, representatives of the House can be elected for several terms without limitations.

The House of Representatives consists of 435 members, as well as delegates from the United States’ territories and the District of Columbia, who are not eligible to vote. The number of representatives from each state is different because it is based on the size of their population. Members also elect the speaker, or head of the House, by general vote. The primary duties and powers of the House of Representatives are the consideration and adoption of federal bills, which after discussion in the Senate and signing by the President become national laws.

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