How did Christopher Columbus die?


In order to answer the question how did Christopher Columbus die and when his death took place, it is important to reflect on his gout condition. Modern medical specialists mostly agree on the fact that there was a different environment during his life, which is why it is believed that he died of heart failure due to his Reiter’s syndrome on 20th May, 1506.


Christopher Columbus returned to his home country, Spain, after discovering the American continent in his last expedition. On May 20 in 1506, the famous explorer and New World discoverer died in Valladolid. It is believed that Christopher Columbus realized that he initially did not arrive in Asian continent, but in a new unknown world.

Due to the widespread vulnerability of people to infections in 16th century, many individuals, such as Christopher Columbus, were suffering post-infection disorders. The latter affected these people for the entirety of their lives.

Monuments to this great explorer were erected in Barcelona and Granada, and his ashes from Seville were transported to Haiti. There are two versions about the burial place, after Christopher Columbus’s death. According to the first, his grave is in a crypt in Seville in the cathedral, where he was buried.

According to the second, the real grave is in the Dominican Republic at the base of the famous Columbus Monument Lighthouse. Dominicans are very proud that the remains of Columbus rest in their land, especially since they attract a large number of tourists. The Spaniards, in turn, do not want to give them this honorable right, despite the fact that in the last years of his life, the great explorer at home was persecuted.

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