Homeschooling debate: the disadvantages?

We have a debate about home schooling disadvantages and how school boards are better.
What are the tips for such a debate?
What disadvantages can be mentioned?
Thank you so much!

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  1. Are you sure you mean school boards and not something else? Because school boards are literally groups of people (adult ones), who are trusted to oversee school districts. They are not exactly comparable to homeschooling.
    As for the debate, think of both advantages and disadvantages.
    Even if you are to speak about the disadvantages, you will meet the kids with the opposite opinion, and if you anticipate their claims, you will be able to deflect them more effectively.
    Good luck!

    Mike555 Mike555 Answered
  2. Well, I am homeschooled and it’s terrible because there no opportunities to make and meet friends. And you can’t really socialize either.
    I think only depressed crazy introverts like it.

    Erica Erica Answered
  3. Well, homeschooling definitely has some disadvantages.
    First of all, you do not have many socializing opportunities and you do not meet as many children of your age as you would at school. Having no ties to your own generation is not good for one’s social skills development.
    After that you are going to have all the problems connected to the lack of socialization, issues with friendship, marriage, and substances included. You’ll be smart but lonely.
    Don’t homeschool!!

    Ratib Ratib Answered
  4. I LOVE homeschooling, it’s wonderful, it offers much more opportunities and it is more convenient! Also, those who say they we have less socializing opportunities – that’s not true!
    We interact with people of different ages and in different settings we are not herded into one room with kids our age, so we have a greater experience. You can also enroll in a course, I do drama speech for example, and I am duel enrolled so I can attend prom and everything.
    It’s not fair that you are going to talk about disadvantages only.
    Personally I see no disadvantages at all, and the problems that exist can be easily resolved.

    Dolores Dolores Answered
  5. One of my friends was homeschooled, and he is married now and with a small kid. He was having problems at school: he did not perform well enough, and the teachers were not willing to help him claiming that it was his parents’ fault.
    SO they decided to take the responsibility and homeschooled him. He’s overcome the problem, which I guess he wouldn’t have done without homeschooling since teachers weren’t interested in helping him.
    What is more, I think he has avoided the bullying problem.
    We all know that children can be cruel especially to those who are different (for example, underperforming). I think, it could have changed his personality to the worst, could have lowered his self-esteem if not downright traumatized him.
    You speak about socializing, but children at schools also have social skills problems, often because of bullying.
    I see no disadvantages in homeschooling.
    I have a living example of its success in front of my eyes.

    Iska Iska Answered
  6. It is rather difficult to compare school boards and home education: these are different subjects. School boards are not really concerned with the process of education (the way parents/tutors are concerned with it on a daily basis).
    They are more like a management body, and their issues are managerial issues, such as staffing and budgeting. Of course, they are educational management, so they deal with curriculum choice, for example.
    Also, school boards have no power over homeschooling parents. In general, I can’t say these two can be compared.
    Try researching the subject.

    Linda85 Linda85 Answered
  7. Yeah, sure, desocialization and substance abuse as major outcomes =)
    No, seriously, it depends.
    A thing you consider to be an advantage can be a disadvantage for someone else. For example, a major plus of homeschooling is that your studies depend on your own progress: you work faster through the things that are easy for you and spend more time on the stuff that is difficult.
    You are unlikely to have a chance to do that at school.
    Homeschooling is customized.
    At the same time, you can’t compare yourself to others.
    Again, it can be good for your self-esteem (it won’t suffer) but it can be bad for your progress (competing with others is an extra motivation).
    There is an ongoing debate concerning the advantages and disadvantages of home education.
    It’s nice that you are invited to consider this issue.

    Abelardo Abelardo Answered
  8. So school boards are better, huh? In which respect?
    The two phenomena have nothing in common, how to compare them?
    School boards are BOARDS, a group of people selected to run a school district, and homeschooling is a FORM OF EDUCATION when your parents are responsible for your education and spend their own money and direct their own efforts at your academic development.
    I know it’s not your fault, and this is the way your teacher articulated it… Well, you can tell them that the assignment does not appear to be excessively objective if you know what I mean. They are just attempting to discredit home education, that’s what this assignment is meant for.
    Sorry, kid.
    Be brave)

    CEO CEO Answered