Help with History Homework

I have a History homework to hand in on Tuesday!
Please help me answer the questions, I cannot see where the answers in the book are.
I have to analyse causes and recognize effects of industrialization, it should be related to the people’s lives and work.
I need to single out the changes brought by this process to these population groups:
1 – poor class;
2 – factory workers;
3 – business persons, proprietors, transportation firms;
4 – infants;
5 – petty bourgeoisie;
6 – landlords and aristocracy;
7 – human habitat;
8 – educational services.

3 Answers

  1. 1) poor class tried to trespass the poverty boundary but the taxes didn’t let them to;
    2) workers united and benefitted from the unity;
    3) proprietors became richer than ever;
    4) children were no longer exploited and had a chance to get education, unlike some;
    5) got to be executive officers and lost the last respect they had had;
    6) landlords traded their land to even richer people;
    7) environment was at rest since the farming was not that extensive;
    8) education – see 4).

    Ratib Ratib Answered
  2. You won’t “see the answers in the book”, too. To give answers you need to dig up your background knowledge, read some other books where lots of other useful stuff is written, apply that which is called “critical thinking” and then, and only then, you give answers. That’s the whole purpose of education.

    Chang Chao Chang Chao Answered
  3. To find answers you got to read the study first. A post of questions taken from nowhere won’t do the trick, I’m afraid.

    Melany Melany Answered