Help on writing good piece in English

I am utterly desperate! please help me!
I was getting really bad grades in English this semester and I’m in trouble, to my greatest trouble tomorrow we a test where I will need to complete an inference paper with evidence and support. to make thing worse, they want me to analyze language and sentence structures.
I have no idea ho wto do it well enough to pass the test.
Please help me somebody!
Thanks to everyone!

4 Answers

  1. If you have a Smartphone and could use it in class somehow, then you have some hope. Search for some helpful appliances like Leo Privacy Guard or anything from Apple.
    These guys have much stuff to proofread your piece, improve wording, correct lexis, and so on.

    Harry Harry Answered
  2. Looks like you need to return to your books. Test in English is such a challenge that can be only met if you take a nice grammar book and read it attentively. Also, do not forget about books on essay writing, as well as the brief academic writing guides they give you at the faculty and then make sure to have enough time and good and calm learning atmosphere without the interruptions to cover them.
    The more you learn, the better you perform.
    No magic! Only hard work.
    This is the world of academy)))
    The last thing is so wish you good luck on your English test!

    CEO CEO Answered
  3. Study grammar guide. This is first of all! Also, check the class readings.
    Finally, label the words in your piece whether they are nouns verbs, adjectives, etc. – thus you’ll have some extra credit

    professor green professor green Answered
  4. as banal as it is you are the only person to help yourself study a good English book and do your test paper, good luck to you!

    Carolina Cat Carolina Cat Answered