Help on research paper homework

I am stuck with my research paper on Medical Marijuana.
Please help me to start and develop the argument.

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  1. Start with the paragraphs topics and then develop your ideas under each small topic.
    For instance,
    paragraph 1 – Medical Marijuana definition;
    paragraph 2 – Medical Marijuana pros;
    paragraph 3 – Medical Marijuana cons;
    paragraph 4 – Medical Marijuana usage conclusions and recommendations.
    Do not forget about the brief introduction to the problem of Medical Marijuana usage and conclusions.
    I hope I helped you.
    Good luck!

    Ratib Ratib Answered
  2. Medical marijuana is a very broad topic for the research paper and thus no wonder you feel kind of lost. Decide about the narrower aspect you would think can intrigue you auditory. Here are some ideas: how legislation differs in various states in terms of Medical Marijuana, how people may benefit if Medical Marijuana is in an open access, what opponents of Medical Marijuana state.
    Other ideas you might use are the overview of patients’ cases who benefited from Medical Marijuana and what people in the states where Medical Marijuana is in free usage say

    Mr.Oldman Mr.Oldman Answered
  3. Charlotte’s Web is a nice theme to talk about in a research paper on Medical Marijuana. You may say that in Colorado, Charlotte’s Web’ is officially legalized and more than 200 little patients are currently on medication with it.
    People move with their kids to Colorado because it is their final hope.
    In the conclusion be sure to sum up on what people in other states could have if Medical Marijuana is no more restricted.

    Erica Erica Answered
  4. Medical Marijuana is the heated issue! Speak on heated debates about it, like they never stop because numerous people see a variety of positive outcomes in legalizing the use of marijuana.
    Also, consider marijuana history, how people then and now view it.

    X5 Lucky X5 Lucky Answered