Headspace: Critical Analysis of Services

Select a health agency providing mental health services to Australian people. Conduct research and write a report. Provide your critical analysis of their services: who is benefiting and who is losing out, and why. Furthermore, include your suggestions on how to improve those services. Headspace is in Australia, and therefore emphasis is Australian context, but references can be international as long as they fit within the assignment.

Discuss background (its history and reasons for its existence and development). Describe the range and scope of its services (who are beneficiaries and eligibility criteria). Analyze the structure of the agency/organization and the number of staff (qualifications and experiences of staff as well as part-time/full-time/with or without qualifications /gender/ethnicity). Discuss the impacts of Coronavirus on the organization and its services. Major changes in the services of the organization during Covid-19. What are models of mental health practiced within this agency?