Generalized Anxiety Disorder: Diagnostics

What other symptoms, not listed here, are necessary to diagnose Beatrice with Generalized Anxiety Disorder? What questions might you ask Beatrice in order for more clarification, and why would this be helpful to the diagnosis?

Analyze the case. Your 23-year-old female friend Beatrice worries constantly. Lately, you have noticed that her worries are constant and excessive. For example, she is worried that terrorists may break down her door, storm into her house and torture her family. She worries that she may not be able to pay her bills (even though her husband makes a very good salary and they appear to be quite comfortable with no debt). She worries that the effects of global warming will harm her unborn children. And so on and so on. Your job would be to diagnose this client BY ALIGNING the DSM V diagnostic criteria with the symptoms that she is manifesting.