FA will likely not cover the education expenses. What can I do?

I grew up in a poor family of 5. My mother is single, and I have 3 sisters and brothers.
We live in Wyoming. Throughout the school life my performance was excellent, and now I have a chance to be accepted to one of the respected private schools. I want to be in an engeneering program in Georgia Tech or Perdue.
However, the online calculators show that the FA amount will cover only one third of the total education cost.
Is it possible?
do I need to cover the rest part by scholarships and grants?
The government in my state will provide support only if I go to the local college and the grants here are too small.

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  1. The calculaters do not provide the exact numbers.
    Their indications are generalized and may not be even close to the real amount you can get when qualified to financial aid. However, if it’s true, then you’ll have to find some other resources for sponsorship.
    The student loans are the most common method. There is a program, PArentLoan Plus, your mom can apply for.
    It is a special offer for the low-income families.
    The education in the local colleges will cost less and I suggest you to apply to one of them.

    Sandy Sandy Answered
  2. I understand that you want to break out of the poverty, but you try to reach something impossible now. The CC in your state is the best choice.
    You can commute by the public transportation and save money.
    Find a job.
    Get a degree in the collal college and only then apply for a loan.
    Then it will be easier to pay out.

    ElenaG ElenaG Answered
  3. The FA has shrinked due to the financial crisis in the country. At least in the community colleges the financial aid amounts have become smaller than before. I don’t know about the universities. Just fill the application and be honest.
    The calculator could be wrong. Since you have brothers and sisters, and your motherhas a job, your financial aid can be quite big as the result.
    The part-time job is also a good option.
    By taking a loan you will receive a huge debt, but a good education will support you in finding a great job so you’ll handle it for sure.

    Mr. DD Mr. DD Answered
  4. In different colleges they will offer you different FA. Apply for the support at the FAFSA official web site.
    A few of the private schools will probably offer you more than some community colleges.
    Good luck to you.

    Melany Melany Answered
  5. It is great that the respected schools can accept you but you need to think everything through. FA advisors must provide all the necessary information for you.
    The schools you have mentioned support the students like you, and maybe they can offer some extra money for you.
    As your plan B, check out the colleges in the other states, the engeneering programs there could be excellent as well.

    X5 Lucky X5 Lucky Answered
  6. It seems that you are really smart. But being from a low-income family, isn’t it better to go to the best public college in your state? It may be worse in comparison to Perdue, but it is still a good education.
    Moreover, with your academic talents you can easily get a merit-based grants. I know some colleges in the other states where the FA is strong enough: Olin School of Engineering, Webb Institute, the Cooper Union.
    You can find some information at their sites.

    Iriny Iriny Answered