Essay help on death penalty catchy opener

I am working on my death penalty essay. Please kindly advise me on some good introductory hook to intrigue my audience.

4 Answers

  1. Try something like the opener stated below:
    What makes the United States stand shoulder to shoulder in one line with such ‘champions’ of democracy as North Korea, Iran, China, Syria, and Afghanistan? Allowing the death penalty to approve the murder of its citizens!
    Definitely, not the best company for the country striving to uphold the democratic values all over the world.
    Time has come to decide something.

    Anusika Anusika Answered
  2. I think it is a great idea to begin with the story of real person who was sentenced to death and then exonerated when it was too late.
    You can visit this website to read about such people.

    Karin W Karin W Answered
  3. How about talking about cases of mistaken death penalty decisions shown in movies? One of the best known by the wide public is The Life of David Gale. This movie shows a very intriguing example of a situation when a person seeming to be a cruel murderer without even the slightest suggestion of a doubt appears completely out of guilt but the high officials learn about it when it is too late.
    The film is the classics of it genre and there is hardly a person who would continue to approve the death sentences after watching this thought-provoking masterpiece.
    Hope this helps!
    Good luck on you essay!

    David LL David LL Answered
  4. Try mentioning the death penalty statistics – it’s a good solution for whether or not you support the regulation under consideration.
    If you advocate for the death penalty, mention the statistics on how this preventive measure leads to the decrease of murder rate;
    if you are the opponent narrate the numbers on how many innocents were convicted

    chunkymonkey chunkymonkey Answered