Enter the University in England.

I am from Australia.
I can get a British passport because my grandparents and parents are from the UK.
Can I attend the university in the UK?
Or I am going to be an international student?
I know that the international students should pay more.

8 Answers

  1. There are students from different countries who study in the UK.
    If you didn’t live in the UK or the EU last years, you would be an international student, even if you have a British passport.
    Look at this website http://www.ukcisa.org.uk/International-S…\

    Anaya Anaya Answered
  2. Why do you want to go to England?
    There a number of good universities in Australia.

    AngryBird AngryBird Answered
  3. Being a citizen of the UK, you will not need the student visa, but you will have to pay fees as the international student.
    If you don’t want to be the international student, you should live for three years in the country where you want to start your education.

    Iska Iska Answered
  4. You are still the international student.
    You must live in the UK for three years prior your education.

    Andy Warhol Andy Warhol Answered
  5. Study Options is the organization that deals with the education in the Australia and England.
    A lot of students apply for this program.

    PhD in PotatoHead Science PhD in PotatoHead Science Answered
  6. In case you have a British passport, you do not need the student visa.
    Although, you still should pay fees as an international student.

    Erica Erica Answered
  7. Just go and study in the UK. Dreams should come true.

    Linda85 Linda85 Answered
  8. Everyone can go to the university in the UK, but you will pay the international fee.

    Lu dzi Lu dzi Answered