Emigration UAS or Canada

How can I live in UAS or Canada??
Im Korean, 17, want to be an astronome.
I need money or what?
What do I do for this?

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  1. I suppose you mean you want to be an astrophysicist. In such a case, you need to achieve a Master’s degree in this field from a Korean university, then gain some work experience in your country, and then apply for similar positions in the USA or Canada.
    If they accept foreign applicants, they will get you a working visa.

    David LL David LL Answered
  2. UAS you mean USA?
    You need to master your English grammar ASAP!
    Only after that, you can apply to American/Canadian universities, of course if you are eligible. You definitely need a whole bunch of money to pay for your education, and note that the higher the degree you pursue, the higher the payment. I mean, minimum $250,000 for 4-year studies, not to mention the postrgrad prices.
    However, I must warn you that you need to get back to Korea once your studies are finished, which is the requirement of a student visa.

    Leo Leo Answered
  3. The one way is to apply for student visa, but you need to make a serious progress with your English. Student visas are issued under the requirement that international student return to their country after finishing their studies. There is no way for you to stay forever.
    The other way is employment. You need a Master’s degree and working experience. In STEM, they do require serious experience. Keep in your mind that these working positions are extremely competitive, and billions of applicants, including foreign ones, struggle to get accepted every day.
    You need to be a really outstanding specialist to get employed.

    Carolina Cat Carolina Cat Answered
  4. First of all, money! Ask the embassy about the details.

    Linda85 Linda85 Answered
  5. You need a ton of money, seriously. Also a ton of papers for the US embassy.

    Iska Iska Answered
  6. I haven’t been to the US, but I heard they have really high taxes, are you sure you want to live there? They have some social programs though…

    Erica Erica Answered
  7. Sure, go live in UAS. They speak just the same English as you.

    Mike555 Mike555 Answered
  8. There are two ways: studying and work.
    Studying: apply to universities, be accepted, confirm your ability to pay, apply for a student visa. The US laws require you to leave the country once your studies are finished or terminated. You’ll need at least 40 thousand for each year.

    Work: your future employer needs to be ready to sponsor your visa because otherwise they will not let you into the country. In the US, an employer has to prove that you are more qualified than US candidates.

    professor green professor green Answered