Edit my language, please!

One should try to keep things as long as possible.
For example, many Europeans spend lots of money on their clothes because the latter is able to last for a long time.
As to me, I still use the wallet my parents gave me when I was a child, and I hope one day I can change it into a better one, just like they say “easy come, easy go”

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  1. It’s not the language but the idea itself that needs editing. Your thesis includes a series of contradicting sentences that are poorly connected and look completely illogical. What particularly confuses me is the saying that you use in the final part. Don’t you see there’s a crucial discrepancy between this idea and the thoughts you expressed in the beginning?
    I recommend you to get rid of it. Then it’s also unclear why you use the example of the Europeans.
    What is it supposed to illustrate?
    Try to make the idea simpler and more coherent!

    Iska Iska Answered
  2. You should keep your things as long as you can. Lots of Europeans buy expensive things as the latter serves longer. I still use the wallet my parents gave me for a birthday though I hope I’ll be soon able to replace it with a better one.
    As the proverb says: “easy come, easy go”!

    Ratib Ratib Answered
  3. They say some Europeans prefer spending a lot of money on things expecting that the latter will serve longer. In fact, the idea of keeping things for as long as possible sounds reasonable. My parents once gave me a wallet for a birthday present.
    I still have it with me even though a lot of time has passed since that day…. Something like this.
    I’m not sure about the saying, though. It sounds a little awkward to me!

    KK KK Answered
  4. Your variant is OK. Paul just made it a bit more informal. In fact, his style is inappropriate for college writing. What I mean, is that you’d better avoid using contractions and the pronoun “you” in your paper if you want to receive a high score!

    CEO CEO Answered
  5. The entire thing looks all right to me. Still, you can perform some insignificant changes if you wish. For instance, you can put it like this: it’s worth contributing to only those things that are supposed to last long.

    Leo Leo Answered