Don’t understand the topic of the essay

Hi, I cannot make out what does the topic sentence for my essay mean.
It is about the human nature and its essence.
The question is whether people live because of their instincts that are based on survival and aggression or whether they are created to be together and be altruists?

4 Answers

  1. There is nothing to explain about this question. Ask your instructor if you cannot make it out.

    CEO CEO Answered
  2. It is easy. You should consider what is the role of instincts in our survival (are they primary for successful living) or maybe it is altruism what makes us really humans.

    Mr. DD Mr. DD Answered
  3. It is about the controversial nature of humankind. Sometimes, people can be kind and generous, but their instincts can also make them self-concentrated.

    The Thirteenth The Thirteenth Answered
  4. Your task is to write whether people are good or bad by their nature. Like, whether they are selfish or think about others as well?

    Randy Randy Answered