Does the government provide the financial aid for the international students?

My girlfriend lives and studies in the Southern America.
She visits me in the USA sometimes but wants to stay here permanently.
She thinks of applying to college admission here, but we afraid that the US education is too expensive.
Can a Colombian person get the financial support for the education?
And I would appreciate if you could give us some tips on the student visa obtaining.
Thanks in advance!

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  1. The financial support is provided just for the USA citizens, sorry. Your girlfriend needs a student visa, and the best way to get it is to be sure that you possess enough of money to cover all the expenses for education, etc.
    As you may already know, the cost of education is more than 20 thousand dollars US. You need to prove that you have all that money by showing the bank statement or any other financial documents.
    With the student visa she will not be able to have a job and earn money in the country. The visa isn’t issued for the temporary residence. Therefore, she’ll need to come back home after the graduation anyway.

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  2. Your girfriend can participate in the university exchange program. It is the easiest and the cheapest way to get in the American college for her. Such programs allow students to spend one year studying abroad for the price of their homeland university courses.
    The student visas are issued to the programs’ participants without a single problem. She needs to check if her college offers something like that. As a program participant, she’ll not have a chance to graduate from the American college and will have to go back home.
    It is expensive to get a degree for a foreigner, and the universities usually offer the aid just for the citizents of their country.
    Your girlfriend needs to find out if the Colombian government can support her financially. However, I doubt it. By the way, the majority of the American colleges arrange the exchange with the schools in Colombia.
    So, you can visit your girlfriend as well.

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  3. Most of the international students have a chance to graduate the US university only after earning degree in their countries. A very small number of universities offer help for the international students. It is difficult. There is a high level of competition for the financial support among the international students in the USA. There are no scholarships provided as well.
    Her family needs to provided the documented evidence for the financial capability to cover expenses for education, accomodation and living. The costs also include the transportation to her country after graduation.
    It is a requirement for the student visa issue. The price of education in an average college will cost her over fifty thousand dollars a year. The sufficient amount of money guarantees the visa obtaining.
    The relationship with the American citizen can become a hindrance for the visa issue. The relationship mean that she probably will stay in the country but, according to the government’s rules, she must leave.

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  4. Without the ability to pay for education she will not get to the university in the United States.
    The financial aid is provided to the citizens of the country who pay taxes, so she must look for aid in her own country.

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  5. The US financial support is not for a foreigner. She needs to have enough finances to cover courses, food, accomodation, plane tickets, and other extra expenses.
    Otherwise, there is no way to get visa.

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  6. Probably, some of the private companies in Colombia would be able to provide the financial aid for her.

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  7. You can become the sponsore of your girlfriend. Or if she has a lot of money, then she can try to get a scholarship.

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