Do you need to pay back scholarships from private companies?

If I receive the private scholarship (not from your school or state but from a private company), do I need to pay them the money back?

6 Answers

  1. Scholarships are the financial assistance that you’re not required to pay back.
    Usually, they are issued due the academic achievement or athletic talents.

    Anusika Anusika Answered
  2. You don’t pay back the scholarship. However, you do pay back a loan.
    So be carefully about the offer that company is giving you.

    Lacy Lacy Answered
  3. Neither scholarships nor grants need to be paid back.
    Only loans.

    Anaya Anaya Answered
  4. Sometimes if you work for the company, your employer might pay for your tuition.
    In this case it’s not exactly the scholarship, so be careful with the documents you’re signing.

    David LL David LL Answered
  5. no, you don’t

    Made Made Answered
  6. No, the point of the scholarship is that you don’t have to pay it back, no matter whether it’s from a college, local organizations or private company.

    Donny Donny Answered