Do you get a diploma after homeschooling? Where from?

If you are homeschooled, who gives you the diploma?
Do you get it at all??

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  1. Your curriculum must have come from a company, and the same company is supposed to provide you with a GED upon graduation.
    It counts as a diploma.

    chunkymonkey chunkymonkey Answered
  2. You get GED if you do not take exams at a local high school or if you can’t pass them. If you pass them, you get the diploma from that high school.
    Of course, you have to take up all the exams the school requires for that.

    Chang Chao Chang Chao Answered
  3. You only get the diploma if the person who homeschooled you (parents, tutors) arranges it for you.
    If they don’t – no diploma for you.

    X5 Lucky X5 Lucky Answered
  4. If you work through a special certified program, they’ll provide you with a diploma. You know, a diploma may be not that necessary.
    It’s your knowledge and skills that will get you into the college or university, not a piece of paper.

    Donny Donny Answered
  5. You parents can print you the diploma, but there is also another option: an umbrella school.
    You register there if you are homeschooled and provide it with the information about your grades. After graduating, you get the diploma from this school and the transcript as well.
    You can use it to apply for admission to a university or college, but you may need to take some additional tests to prove your level.

    Nilvis Nilvis Answered
  6. It depends: if you’re homeschooled by your parents, they will issue a diploma.
    Its requirements are stated by your state legislation, and you must meet them. Also, you may be working with a special program, then you are essentially enrolled in a school that will send you the diploma.

    Lu dzi Lu dzi Answered
  7. GED is a General Equivalency Diploma. It states that you meet the requirements for high school education in your state, and you need to take a GED test to receive it. The requirements may vary, so better check your state standards.
    Yes, if your parents think that you meet these standards, they can also ‘issue’ a diploma for you. In general, a diploma is just a piece of paper. Don’t worry about it too much.

    Made Made Answered
  8. From your school. Oh, wait…

    Lacy Lacy Answered