Digital Trading Card Blog: Areas of Expertise

Imagine that you have been working on a digital trading card blog that he hopes to turn from a hobby to a business. Describe a few different areas of expertise. Namely, Card Strategies, Card Reviews, and Art Critiques.

Will Card Strategies elaborate on how best to use the card to form synergies? Discuss how to train newer players on how to get better use of these cards. Examine some common items here. Will Card Reviews explain his overall rating of a specific card depending on different scenarios? How to help encourage people to decide on what to purchase and what not to purchase? Will Art Critiques review different art styles of different artists? Using your Content Modelling skills that we have learned in our previous classes, suggest each Content Type that will be used in this content and then define all the attributes within it along with each data type. Explain which content type(s) should be related to each other and which should not. Provide at least two benefits to using multiple content types.