Detailed outline?

I need to write a research paper and want to make a very detailed outline to refer to it while writing.
I can’t find a good example.
Help me please.

3 Answers

  1. everything depends on your topic. Be specific.
    1. Intro
    2. Sport is good for health
    a. it builds muscular strength
    b. it helps to cope with overweight
    3. sport is beneficial for people
    a. it allows to improve social skills
    b. it makes people determined
    4. personal experience.
    a. my favourite sport
    b. its advantages
    5. conclusion

    X5 Lucky X5 Lucky Answered
  2. Define a topic and its treatment (analysis, comparison, etc). Point out the main ideas related to the topic and identify your theme. Use these notes to create the body of the paper. Develop your ideas regarding the topic treatment.
    Include examples and references.
    Write a conclusion and then introduction.

    Timathy Timathy Answered
  3. Go to the library and find a book on how to write an essay. This topic will be there.

    Melany Melany Answered