Describe the five conflict-handling modes.

There are five major modes of solving conflicts: collaborating mode, competing mode, avoiding mode, accommodating mode, and compromising mode. These methods of handling conflict operate based on principles of assertiveness and cooperativeness.

Assertiveness in this context involves the degree to which an individual tries to satisfy their interests during a conflict resolution. Cooperativeness involves how the individual tries to satisfy the other party’s interest in the conflict.

Firstly, collaborating mode requires the conflicting parties to work together to find a common solution that is favorable to both of them. This mode involves assertive and cooperative values where the underlying causes of the problem are identified and addressed to the people’s satisfaction.

Secondly, the competing mode is based on assertiveness and uncooperativeness, where the parties involved in the conflict use their power to outdo each other in settling the conflict. This mode does not favor a common solution, but instead, the individuals involved pursue to achieve their self-interests at the expense of the other.

Thirdly, the avoiding mode is determined by unassertiveness and uncooperativeness. This method of solving conflicts discourages the individuals involved in the conflict from engaging in finding the solution to the problem. It involves withdrawing from the conflict to de-escalate the situation.

Fourthly, the accommodating mode is based on unassertiveness and cooperativeness. It is the contrary of competing, where one party withdraws its concerns to satisfy the other party’s interests. It is a form of selflessness and generosity to calm the situation by supporting the other individual’s interest.

Lastly, the compromising mode involves embracing assertiveness and cooperativeness in solving a situation. It involves sharing the responsibilities and consequences of the conflict to find a common solution.

However, individuals using this method may not be satisfied with the solution. In this mode, all the individuals who engage in the conflict play an equal role in finding a solution. It is a method that is ideal for solving situations that require urgent solutions.

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