Provide definition of confederal government

Confederal government represents a system of allied states united in order to achieve a specific geopolitical goal. This structure has a joint government with the participation of a representative of each of the countries that have entered.

The creation of a confederal government is secured by signing a multilateral protocol. The feature of the confederal government system is the insignificant influence of the general government on the participating states.


The weak effect of the influence of the general government is that its decisions are in the nature of an agreement. These agreements are accepted subject to unanimity and not subject to the achievement of a majority vote. Also, another point to prove is the unequal level of power of the allied states in the confederal form of government. Unlike other types of government, members of the confederation can safely leave it without carrying out complex and many years of legal delays.

Confederation member countries do not have a unified army and, in most cases, adhere to their private diplomatic interests. Nevertheless, it is generally accepted that the confederal government is a form of federalism due to the presence of factors of independence and fragmentation of states. Every confederal government structure can carry both the features of international organizations and federal systems.

Historically, confederations often directly preceded the emergence of the current concept of the state on a federal basis. The most apparent confederal government examples are Germany of the 19th century and the United States of the late 18th century. Nowadays, the European Union is the most unusual representative of the confederal type of government.

EU countries are united by a joint economic zone, a common type of currency, and the absence of internal borders. At the same time, each member state has its own foreign and domestic policy strategy. Each state also has its own unique army, which again is a feature of the confederate government. Even in the European Union, there is a combined system of voting and decision-making.

The initiative is adopted by the majority but comes to execution after the unanimous approval of all the members that elect it. It is worth noting that many researchers doubt the confederal component of the European Union and rank it as a federal system.

The confederal type of government, in many aspects, has the properties of a transitional state. This is illustrated by the historical past of many countries and the legislative structure itself. One way or another, most confederations came to unite and form a single federal or national state.

The lack of reliable central apparatus of power and inequality of regions, joint military, economic, and political resources nowadays considered a weakness of the state system. On the other hand, this is a sign of greater self-sufficiency and independence. Many federally organized countries today form confederate alliances to achieve their goals. With the help of such diverse organizations as the European Union, NATO, the United Nations organization, the shortcomings of the confederation are compensated.

This allows states through collective efforts to achieve an independent space in the international arena. The concept of the confederal government in our time has changed its meaning and, to a greater extent, serves as a temporary but effective means to achieve geopolitical goals.

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