Define sociocentrism. Provide examples

Sociocentrism is a concept according to which the priority belongs to society in the relationship between the culture and individual. Sociocentrism is a societal approach when only the social dimension of a person takes place, and it is considered as the embodiment of social principles.


Sociocentrism is a view, a philosophical category that arose, on the one hand, as a result of global civilization development. Consumer desires of modern mass consciousness obey the plan when a person and a community act as a center creating their world of being. Based on this being, wishes affirm universal human laws and social values. On the other hand, the emergence of sociocentrism is associated with the development of global civilization, which is self-limited, marginally isolated, cut off from vast experience, and open universal processes.

Sociocentrism closes the door to the future of humanity, as one can see the arrogant version of modernity about the growing autonomy of man concerning laws and the restriction of nature. The development experience of universal structures shows that the driving force for the self-preservation of global civilization is the non-stationary nature of evolution as a form of movement. Search, and selection, enhanced competitiveness with the self-organizing exchange of limited resources continues in its environment. The non-stationarity manifests itself in the progress of astronomical bodies, the increment of types of integral formations, in the expansion of populations, increasing consumption, migration and resettlement, and acceleration. Self-preservation of integrity increases in time if their internal self-organization is adequate or close to the external environment.

An example of a sociocentric worldview is Marxist teaching. Marx became convinced that one can understand a person only through society, through history. A human is not a biological creature; he is what history makes him. Thus, it is necessary first to know the laws that create and develop society. Another example can be given, based on Confucian philosophy, which was permeated by the search for virtue. It is necessary to respect the ruler, elders, and keep the commandments. Otherwise, the world will be guaranteed confusion, inconsistency, and immorality.
From the definition of sociocentrism, reflecting the actual state of affairs, it is clear that it ignores the historical experience of ethnocentrism. Therefore, the artificial order of global civilization activities conflicts with the universal action of the natural order. A brief and distinctive examination of sociocentrism emphasizes the confrontation of tolerance and anti-tolerance in the development of global civilization. The environment makes culture adapt, manifest, and improve its ability to tolerate adverse influences. Nevertheless, anti-tolerance arises due to the denial of the civilization of the experience of cosmocentrism. Consequently, global culture is depriving itself of the future, since the background to the experience of sociocentrism is very short and contradictory.

The sociocentric world must be systematically explored, as well as evaluated by results, comparing them with the cosmocentric world in which a person, society, and global civilization live. In current conditions, the sociocentric world is considered by people as a combination of its components in social, environmental, economic, and political areas of activity. Thus, sociocentrism is one of the worldviews, which has its vision of the challenges facing philosophy. However, unilateral sociocentrism, freed from attitudes toward humans, is hardly productive — social life and its organization help to understand a person. Nevertheless, society reveals its secrets only after the implementation of the philosophical comprehension of man.

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