Define communication.

Some people take communication for granted, forgetting that it was vital in the development of the human species. In general, communication implies the exchange of meanings through various messages.

In particular, communication can be referred to as the transfer of information, attitudes, ideas, and feelings between people. It has not lost its importance nowadays, especially in regard to developing diversity consciousness.

While it may not be as crucial in increasing self-awareness (however, there is a certain degree of communication even within one’s consciousness), communication is an indispensable tool in understanding others. For instance, it takes time to get accustomed to a new environment, but eventually, it becomes easier for people to understand others as they learn more about them.

The adaptation process depends on many factors, including cultural diversity. The differences in language, intonation, and even gestures significantly impede the process; nonetheless, it only highlights the importance of communication in expanding consciousness.

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