Define and briefly discuss biotechnology.

Biotechnology is the application of biology to the solution of problems and the production of high-value products. The most well-known use of biotechnology is the molecular engineering-based creation of biopharmaceuticals and other pharmaceuticals. Numerous benefits of biotechnology exist, most notably in medicinal chemistry and agriculture.

Descriptions include the application of biotechnology to the blending of biological and computer knowledge, known as bioinformatics, the investigation of the application of tiny instrumentation capable of entering the living organism, and nanotechnology. Additionally, biotechnology can potentially apply regenerative medicine and cloning methodologies to substitute dead or malfunctioning body tissues.

Apart from its use in health care, biotechnology has aided in refining manufacturing operations by developing and manufacturing biological proteins that serve as catalysts for biochemical reactions. Industrial biotechnology is critical for providing humankind with nourishing and healthy products, compounds, and advanced technologies while limiting environmental inputs such as power, land, and water, increasing seasonal and regional autonomy, and eliminating pollution.

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