Cybersecurity Among Trends in Technology Beyond 2022

Discuss the topic of cybersecurity in the context of trends in technology beyond 2022.

For your answer, read and evaluate the following articles:

  • “Internet of Things Meet the Internet of Threats: New Concern Cyber Security Issues of Critical Cyber Infrastructure” by Djenna et al.
  • “Comprehending the IoT cyber threat landscape: A data dimensionality reduction technique to infer and characterize Internet-scale IoT probing campaigns” by Pour et al.
  • “Botching Human Factors in Cybersecurity in Business Organizations” by Nobles.
  • “The AI-Based Cyber Threat Landscape: A Survey” by Kaloudi and Li.
  • “Cyber Threats and Attack Vectors during COVID-19” by Chokhonelidze et al.
  • “Impact of Human Vulnerabilities on Cybersecurity” by Alsharif et al.