Coping with stress

Have you got any ideas on how to cope with stress caused by large amounts of homework?

4 Answers

  1. That’s a good question as homework can be indeed stressful, especially when you have a lot of tasks to be done.
    Here are some tips I can recommend that might help you calm down a bit.
    1. Turn on some peaceful music that will serve as a relaxing background for your work.
    2. Try to have breaks every half an hour. Don’t do anything that is connected with mental activity during your breaks, do a few physical exercises instead.
    3.Make sure you understand the material you work with. In case you don’t, you’d better ask someone for help – doing something you don’t understand might cause extra stress.
    4.Make your activity more exciting. Standard tasks can be truly boring that has a negative psychological effect. Try some unconventional approaches to the routine work: play the role of a teacher, use different colors in your notes.
    5. Don’t let the stress dominate you. Take several deep breaths when you feel you start to panic.
    6. Find a worthy motivation.
    Think of the potential rewards you are likely to receive as soon as you finish!
    Hope you’ll find some of the points useful)

    SmartAmy SmartAmy Answered
  2. What’s the point stressing?
    I mean, homework is not a big deal, anyway. As to me, I never fuss much about it. I normally do it for several hours, but I still manage to have some fun during the breaks.

    Mr. DD Mr. DD Answered
  3. Don’t take them too seriously, it’s just the work to be done, and that’s all.

    Donny Donny Answered
  4. I guess deadlines are the most stressful point about your homework. So, it can be a good way out to make up a precise plan of the things you need to do and the dates by which they are due. In this manner, you’ll be able to prepare some tasks in advance and feel less stressed.

    David LL David LL Answered