College study

Do I have to study at college
before university or can I be
accepted to university right after
high school?

8 Answers

  1. Universities offer master’s and PhD degrees in addition to bachelor’s while colleges only offer the latter.
    Therefore – no, you don’t.
    These two institution types are similar, with a few differences, like universities admit non-traditional applicants and offer more programs.

    Karin W Karin W Answered
  2. In case if (I suppose) you’re from the UK, the difference is significant. If you want to go to university after a GCSE, the answer is no. If you are looking for options other than college, you can do A-levels at 6th form.
    Anyway, just look through the university website, they always mention their requirements for applicants.

    Iriny Iriny Answered
  3. The answer depends on your planned major. In some fields, universities demand such results that cannot be achieved at school.
    Actually, you didn’t tell much about yourself, so I cannot answer precisely.

    Melany Melany Answered
  4. Usually, colleges are parts of universities, so when you apply, check if your college is connected to a university before you apply.
    Also, check if your program is recognized by that university.

    Andy Warhol Andy Warhol Answered
  5. College = university in the US.

    Anen Anen Answered
  6. College and university are synonyms in the USA. Ask anyone, nobody knows the difference.

    Writing doctor Writing doctor Answered
  7. College and university are different things in the US.

    Sachiko Yusimo Sachiko Yusimo Answered
  8. The answer is yes, you can. Colleges are often parts of universities (at least, in the UK), but sometimes they are a chain between high school and university.

    Lucy Evans Lucy Evans Answered