Classroom, Rowlandson’s Narrative, and Bradstreet’s Poem

Analyze Classroom, Rowlandson’s narrative, and Bradstreet’s poem. Analyze the issue. Puritan men believed that “Placed under the protection of men at the direction of a rational God, women, by nature, desperately need male enlightenment and guidance if they were to achieve salvation…. pastors and magistrates argued that because “divine revelations” were experienced by women, these revelations could not have been divine” (Westerkamp 589).

In light of this Puritan patriarchal belief system, how do you explain the successes of both Mary Rowlandson’s narrative and Anne Bradstreet’s poetry? Do they support the patriarchy or not? How? Why might they have been the first published Puritan authors? Use the materials on Classroom, Rowlandson’s narrative, and Bradstreet’s poem as resources to compose this written response.