Changes in a Christian Church Using Action Research

Describe how to ”mastermind” change in a Christian church using Action Research. Define Action Research as a change process based on the systematic collection of data and selecting a change action based on what the analyzed data indicate (Cassell & Johnson, 2006). It consists of five steps: diagnosis, analysis, feedback, action, and evaluation. Explain why the Christian church is ineffective and describe how you would mastermind/ create change using action research. Analyze how organic and mechanistic structures affect change. Compare faith-based organizations with secular organizations. Including the methods used to motivate, manage stress, and promote growth.

Analyze the situation. In recent years, believers have become increasingly interested in praying, asking for forgiveness, and sharing their stories at churches. They exchange their guilt or earn their blessing through the generosity of their time and money. Likewise, church leaders are extremely busy with congregations and the church itself. Church leaders must lead their congregations, provide instruction to their members, and organize their churches. Meanwhile, they are learning how to improve their church and teaching abilities. The mastermind change in a Christian church may facilitate leaders’ efforts to accomplish their missions using action research.