Can you please help me with an essay that I have to write?

I need to explain a reason an invention may be considered as interesting.

4 Answers

  1. It is necessary to understand that an invention may be described as an improvement of something has already existed in the past. Also, it may be something that is different and not expected. Also, it is imperative to mention that inventions help with employment in most situations.
    They have become a core part of modern society at this point, and expectations of consumers are set incredibly high. New technologies are always being introduced, and some of them may be disruptive.
    Overall, the need for constant improvements should not be overlooked, and it frequently leads to interesting inventions.

    Lacy Lacy Answered
  2. Numerous examples that are interesting may be listed. For instance, the development of the light bulb has changed a lot of things and has led to the creation of many other tools and gadgets that were innovative and useful.
    It is hard to argue with the fact that telegraph is another one that is incredibly important and has changed the way information is transported.
    The way the Internet was able to impact the world is also worth mentioning, and it would be hard to imagine what our world would look like without it.

    professor green professor green Answered
  3. You may try to look for inventions on the Internet.
    Many of them have been incredibly interesting and have helped to change the course of history.

    Anaya Anaya Answered
  4. One of the most important aspects that should not be disregarded is that inventions should have some utility most of the time.
    An invention that has no benefits may be regarded as useless most of the time.

    Leo Leo Answered