Can you help me with an essay?

I need to write the paper about the usefulness of computers and phones.
Can they be used to save time?
Please provide examples if you can.

8 Answers

  1. It is recommended that you should visit a library to write an answer. Also, you may tell about your experience with phones and computers, and how they have helped you in the past.

    Nilvis Nilvis Answered
  2. I think that it is not a hard assignment, and you are capable of writing and excellent paper.

    SmartAmy SmartAmy Answered
  3. The introduction of phones was critical because they are used to deliver the information much faster, and it has increased the efficiency of most operations.

    Carolina Cat Carolina Cat Answered
  4. You may use your computer to look for information on this subject matter on the internet. Many articles and books on this topic are available, and they can be used to help you with writing.

    Mr.Plus Mr.Plus Answered
  5. New technologies are used to spend time much more wisely. For instance, you do not have to go to the library because online ones were designed to help students.

    The Thirteenth The Thirteenth Answered
  6. I would suggest you to read some books about computers and phones to increase your understanding of this topic. Also, you have to make sure that there is no plagiarism because your mark may be affected.

    Timathy Timathy Answered
  7. It is important to note that I agree with the idea that they are capable of saving a lot of time. An ability to make adjustments to a document when it is necessary is highly valuable and needs to be utilized.

    Abelardo Abelardo Answered
  8. Computers are incredibly helpful because you may find almost any information that you need with a use of keywords. Phones are also useful because they allow an individual to have fast conversations most of the time.

    Anusika Anusika Answered