Can you help me with an essay?

The topic of the paper is the impact of education of women.
I have to determine the difference between the past when most females were not literate and the present.
It is necessary to mention that I need this information for my homework, and I do not want to argue with anybody.

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  1. The fact that an enormous number of females have started to become interested in various jobs should not be overlooked, and a career is essential for every woman. For instance, some believe that it is possible to depend on marriage.
    However, the funds that are earned by one person may not be sufficient to support the family. The role of education also needs to be taken into account, and it would help to get a job that is well-paying.
    Also, one of the studies has shown that a degree is much more beneficial for women in most cases.

    Anusika Anusika Answered
  2. I think that many men in the past could also be described as illiterate, and there are no significant dissimilarities between them and women. It is understandable that various stereotypes are still present, but some of them are not true at all.
    However, it is expected that the situation is going to be improved in the future thanks to organizations that are determined to address such issues as unequal rights and others.

    Sandy Sandy Answered
  3. I have to note that the role of social class should not be disregarded, and many women were well-educated even in the past.

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  4. I am sorry, but I will not be able to help you with this question. You may try to look for answers on other websites.

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