BMW: Resource Appraisal and the Strategic Implications

Conduct a BMW resource assessment. Decide which of these resources is key in determining the success or failure of BMW.

Show the analysis process you have followed and the criterion you have used to do the resource appraisal. Indicate the strategic implications you have drawn from your resource appraisal. Discuss the comparative advantage BMW has in the location where they operate and discuss the resource awards that reinforce the comparative advantage of BMW. Evaluate the comparative advantage using modern trade theories. Draw implications for management action from the evaluation of BMW’s challenges trading internationally. Evaluate whether ownership, location, or internalization advantages (see OLI paradigm) are key to the success of BMW, and If not, what other forms of an organization other than FDI would you recommend? Evaluate if the location advantages gained are a good fit for the strategic goals of BMW. Evaluate if institutional constraints and enablers governing FDI enhance the legitimacy of BMW in South Africa. Show how the management problems identified connect to the conclusions resulting from the evidence presented in the report. In other words, connect what you investigated with the facts found in relation to the management problem identified.