Big Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence in Industry 4.0

Discuss big data analytics and artificial intelligence in industry 4.0.

For your answer, you can use the following sources:

  • “Big Data Analytics and Machine Learning for Industry 4.0: An Overview” by Le & Pham.
  • “The Duo of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data for Industry 4.0: Review of Applications, Techniques, Challenges, and Future Research Directions” by Jagatheesaperumal et al.
  • “A visual review of artificial intelligence and Industry 4.0” by Sood et al.
  • “An end-to-end big data analytics platform for IoT-enabled smart factories: A case study of battery module assembly system for electric vehicles” by Kahveci et al.
  • “Food quality 4.0: From traditional approaches to digitalized automated analysis” by Hassoun et al.