Assistance required with coursework

Hello. The teacher assigned us to write about the train station.
We have to use figurative language (metaphors, similes, epithets, etc.) to make it a vivid description.
The writing should be in the third person singular.
Can you help me, please?

3 Answers

  1. The sun was shining brightly. A new carriage was shining too. What a beautiful day! People always in a hurry remained me of the busy days at Chicago where being in a hurry is a usual rhythm of life, like the rhythm of the heart. The conductor whistled to make everybody know that the train was leaving.
    I remember this sound pretty well. It was always so native to me. I used to run to the train every time I had to live her for few more couple of weeks. That station saw the most sincere emotions.
    It is Harrison station!
    I think you should write in this direction, but try your own hand on it.

    Writing doctor Writing doctor Answered
  2. The train finally stopped. It was making so many efforts as if it was tired of constant leaving and stopping during all life. All that train saw were crowds of people, happy people, busy people, or desperate people. Luggage carriers seemed to be emotionless…like the red clock at the train station that only reminded that it was time to go. Merciless. Train stations were always merciless.
    They did not have patience; they just followed their aims. The tracks seemed to be crucial when it concerned human lives — they disunited, or made you friends for the whole life….
    I hope this will give you some hint how to write.
    You can even use it if you want for further expansion.

    Anen Anen Answered
  3. He pulled off the train and looked around. Everything was the same — the same waiting room with shabby seats, the same booking office, even the same cashier (an envious woman with bright red lips).
    He could not believe that he was there seven years ago.
    It seemed it was yesterday.
    Try something like this.
    You should follow your own ideas actually. Only you can do it the best.

    Donny Donny Answered