Assessing Culture Care and Health

Interview someone who is culturally different from you.

In Leininger’s Semi-Structured Inquiry Guide Enabler to Assess Culture Care and Health, there are 12 Domains of Inquiry:

  • Worldview,
  • Ethnohistory, Kinship, and Social Factors,
  • Cultural Values,
  • Beliefs, and Lifeways,
  • Religious/Spiritual/Philosophical Factors,
  • Technological Factors,
  • Economic Factors,
  • Political and Legal Factors,
  • Educational Factors,
  • Language and Communication Factors,
  • Professional and Generic (Folk or Lay) Care Beliefs and Practices,
  • General and Specific Nursing Care Factors.

Choose two domains of inquiry. Use the suggested questions under each domain. Make our inquiries natural and familiar, or you may add your own questions. Analyze the information gathered from the interview.