Aspects of the Employees Assistance Program

Imagine that you are working as a counselor for an Employees Assistance program that has a contract to provide brief counseling for staff working in a Government Department. Mary has made an appointment to see you. You are told that she went to her GP earlier in the week about the way she was feeling, the GP diagnosed her with depression and offered medication, so she decided to try counseling before she took pills.

To answer this question, provide an abstract and a conclusion, and an intake summary for your personal rationale. What is the rationale for your choice of approach? How would you assess themes in the client’s presentation that merit special attention? What techniques and methods would best meet the goals of therapy? Describe the therapeutic relationship you would establish following your chosen therapy. How might you proceed in the first two sessions? What are the strengths and weaknesses of this approach in terms of your case? What are the professional challenges for you as the counselor? What are the challenges for you personally?