Aspects of Ship and Yacht Management

Imagine that you are working for an Argentinian meat exporter who regularly ships beef to the UK. The company uses refrigerated containers on a liner service but, following a recent collaborative agreement with another meat exporter and securing a 10-year supply contract with a British supermarket chain, is considering whether chartering a vessel may be a better option. Provide an analysis of the options and a recommendation.

To answer this question, take into account that the company understands that time charters and bareboat charters are potential options. Examine the differences between time charters and bareboat charters. Discuss the different legal and commercial obligations of the charterer. Make a recommendation as to the best course of action. Correctly identify the maritime law relevant to managing a given scenario. Provide an introduction to explain how you are approaching the question and to define basic terms. Include an excellent in-depth discussion that demonstrates critical thought. Provide depth and breadth of supporting literature and a sound and logical range of conclusions drawn, with a broad range of supporting evidence provided.