Analysis of a Proposed Marketing and Sales Initiative

Analyze the scenario. The CEO has provided you with a revised set of KPIs. You need to apply these KPIs toward the analysis of a proposed marketing and sales initiative to increase loyalty card memberships in neighborhoods with predominantly low-income populations, whether the populations are in rural, suburban, or city locations. The CEO wants this analysis so that she can chart the sustainability and growth of the initiative while assuring it meets standards for Corporate Social Responsibility.

Identify the financial records that indicate a commitment to TBL. Outline which financial and other records marketing and sales maintain where TBL can provide data. Using the TBL scorecard, evaluate the alignment of the strategic plan with KPIs. Remember, there may be multiple outcomes of this exercise. Your focus should be to apply your understanding of the scenario and evaluate the plan accordingly. Which ideas in the plan support the KPI criteria? Cite specific ideas that meet the criteria. Explain how they meet the criteria.