A Rhetorical Analysis of Turkle’s Argument in “Alone Together”

Provide a rhetorical analysis of Turkle’s main argument in the introduction of “Alone Together.”

To answer this question, explain how Turkle makes her argument through rhetorical techniques. Evaluate why she’s effective and ineffective in constructing her argument through the use of these rhetorical elements and any logical fallacies that you come across in her writing. For instance, you may find that she doesn’t use pathos effectively in a specific example; therefore, you need to explain why her example of pathos is not convincing for her specific audience and possibly what she could do to remedy this. Remember, if she’s committed a logical fallacy, these errors will make this claim/portion of her text ineffective. Your job then is to ask how this is ineffective and the impact it would have on her intended audience. Write in the third person.