A Company’s Financial Performance and Risks

Define five fortune 50 companies, provide insight into their multi-year trends, and provide a summary of the financial performance of each company.

Select five fortune 50 companies and locate their 10k’s through their respective investor relations websites. Provide insight into the following and summarize three-year or five-year (depending upon what is provided) multi-year trends with corresponding values for each of the metrics:

  • total revenues;
  • total expenses;
  • net income;
  • stock price and its growth (or not);
  • earnings per share (EPS);
  • dividend level and growth (or not);
  • evaluate and synthesize each organization’s financial performance;
  • identify their risks, and summarize your findings across all five companies.

Summarize from the 10k and supporting company material an assessment of the financial performance of each company.