A “Close-Up” Plan in a Play Script and Film

Provide an analytical “close-up” comparing the treatment of just one important detail across play-script and film.

Choose one well-defined detail from either the film or the play script to focus on and provide a short analysis comparing the presentation and the resulting impact or significance of this detail in the two texts (play script and film). It is alright if your selected detail is almost unrecognizably different or even absent from one of the two texts; in the latter case, you can still analyze the significance of the detail’s absence from one text in comparison to its presence in the other.

Select something that stood out to you, whether because you found it unforgettable, striking, puzzling, startling, perplexing, inspiring, etc. Your focus could be almost anything: a prop (ex., Othello’s handkerchief), an event (ex., the report of finding Ophelia’s body in Hamlet), a key line, an image, a casting choice, etc.